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Kartli and Rom. The Excavations of the Palace at Dedoplis Goraand the Roman Influence in the Caucasian Kingdom of Iberia
Band 13: Kartli and Rom. The Excavations of the Palace at Dedoplis Gora and the Roman Influence in the Caucasian Kingdom of Iberia. Edited by J. Gagoshidse, A. Furtwängler, H. Löhr and N. Ludwig (Langenweißbach 2008)
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Bone relief with a depiction of Skylla found at Dedoplis Gora

Setting of this book is the small Kingdom of Iberia or Kartli at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains, which played its role between the Empires of Rome and Parthia. The publication focuses on the extraordinarily rich and varied archaeological find material excavated in the years 1986 – 1993 at Dedoplis Gora, an important archeological site in the very heart of Kartli’s historical territory, Shida Kartli. A greater part of these finds – pottery, metal and glass vessels, weapons, implements and tools, ornaments, gems and bullae, coins, game-figures – is published here for the first time. This material from Dedoplis Gora is a nucleus, around which further archaeological material of the 1st century B.C. – 1st century A.D. found elsewhere in Georgia was gathered, especially gems, coins and glass vessels.
On the basis of this material, various aspects of the material culture of the Iberian kingdom and its relationship to contemporary Roman culture are highlighted.
Furthermore, the authors discuss aspects of architecture, of construction methods, and of agriculture; a special article is dedicated to the official system of writing in ancient Kartli, the so-called Armazian script. The publication also includes an annotated list of Georgian archaeological sites of the 1st century B.C. – 1st century A.D.
The book deals with Kartli’s historical geography and political history, with references to written sources, including epigraphical monuments, inasmuch as this is necessary for a better understanding of the evolution of the material culture and for presenting it in greater detail.


1. Kartli in Hellenistic and Roman Times. General Aspects Iulon Gagoshidze

2. Dedoplis Gora – One of the Most Important Archeological Sites on the Territory of the Ancient Iberia Iulon Gagoshidze

3. The Palace at Dedoplis Gora. A Survey of Transcaucasian Monumental Architecture in Hellenistic and Early Roman Times Florian Knauss

4. The Finds of Dedoplis Gora and their Contexts
(Pottery Tinatin Chanishvili, Bone Objects Iulon Gagoshidze, Excursus: The Skylla Relief Florian Knauss, Weapons Iulon Gagoshidze, Metal Implements Iulon Gagoshidze, Metal Vessels and Furniture Henryk Löhr, Jewelry Nana Gogiberidze)

5. Selected Archeological Material of the Roman Period from Whole Iberia Including the Finds of Dedoplis Gora (Engraved Gems and Impressions of Seals and Clay-Bullae Ketevan Javakishvili, Glass Vessels Mariam Saginashvili, Monetary Circulation Medea Sherozia, The Armazian Script Grigol Giorgadze)

6. Catalog of Sites Iulon Gagoshidze
Appendix: Analysis of the Plant Remains of Dedoplis Gora Nana Rusishvili


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